​Commitment to... Public Service

James Erb is running for Whatcom County Prosecutor. He will keep the community safe, improve the criminal justice system, and move our county forward.  


James prosecuted hundreds of major cases including drug trafficking, violent offenses, and sexually-motivated crimes against children in one of the busiest trial circuits in Florida. He earned a reputation as a skilled prosecutor who works hard, exercises good judgment, and secures justice for victims of crime. James has worked as a Senior Assistant City Attorney in the civil division of the Bellingham City Attorney's Office since 2010.

The Issues

See where James stands on the major issues facing an incoming prosecutor. James has fresh ideas about the jail issue and will make changes to improve our county's criminal justice system. By focusing on violent crime and using data to make smarter decisions, we can safely reduce incarceration rates for non-violent offenders. We can produce better outcomes for less money without compromising public safety, 

Get Involved

James will engage with the community, improve our criminal justice system by implementing data-driven solutions that reduce crime without compromising public safety, and work hard every day in the pursuit of justice. If you believe that it is time for a change in leadership, then please get involved and help us to change the prosecutor’s office for the better. 

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