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​James Erb

Eric Richey


Senior Assistant Bellingham City Attorney,
 and Former Special Prosecutor,
Florida State Attorney’s Office

​Whatcom County
Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor




Party Support

​Only candidate endorsed by Democrats. ​

James’ Endorsements​​​

​​After seeking support from all Democratic Party organizations received no endorsement.

Eric's Endorsements​​​


​​A leader passionate about creating real reform in our criminal justice system. ​

James’ ​Positions on the Issues

​​​Before running for office said he, “couldn’t imagine changing much”.

Radio Interview with Eric

New Jail

​Against a new, expensive jail, wants to significantly reduce incarceration of non-violent offenders. ​

Bellingham City Club Debate

​​​​​Supports building a new jail in Bellingham

Whatcom County Democrats Meeting

Whatcom Bar Assoc. Debate


​Experienced criminal prosecutor skilled at trying the worst crimes against children.

Bellingham City Club Debate

​​​​​25 years in Whatcom Prosecutor’s Office, ​Criminal division.

Frequently makes mistakes leading to cases being overturned on appeal.

NW Citizen

Civil Legal

​​Currently Assistant City Attorney for the City of Bellingham, directly charged with issues like water and land rights, contracts, public records. Issues like these frequently require attention in the Prosecutor’s Office Civil Division.

James' Experience


Current Civil

​Recognizes the Whatcom Prosecutor’s current Civil Division needs to better work with the County Council and other stakeholders.

Bellingham City Club Debate

Cascadia Weekly

​​Thinks there are no problems with the work of the Civil Division of the Whatcom County Prosecutor's Office.

Bellingham City Club Debate

Cascadia Weekly


Unequivocally supports I-1639 as commonsense gun safety legislation to reduce gun violence in our communities.

​Proudly endorsed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Bellingham City Club Debate

Alliance for Gun Responsibility

​"Has issues” with I-1639.

Bellingham City Club Debate


​Believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and stands with survivors and victims


​​Says he has concerns with “the way the public responded, and the way social media ran amok” with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, but that he does stand with women.