​The Requirements

County Prosecutor Qualifications & Requirements

The county prosecutor, also known as the county prosecuting attorney, is a licensed attorney who represents the citizens of Whatcom County in both criminal and civil matters. 

Under the Washington State Constitution, the legislature shall provide by general and uniform laws for the election of prosecuting attorneys and shall prescribe their duties and fix their terms of office.

The prosecuting attorney is authorized by law to appear for and represent the state and the county in actions and proceedings before the courts and judicial officers. The prosecuting attorney is the legal adviser for the county's legislative authority. The prosecuting attorney is also responsible for prosecuting all criminal and civil action in which the county is a party. Finally, the prosecutor is responsible for reforming and improving the criminal justice system and stimulating efforts to remedy inadequacies or injustice in the law.

To be eligible to hold the office of prosecuting attorney, an individual must be a qualified elector of the county and be admitted as an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Washington. James satisfies the qualifications for the position. He has resided in Whatcom County since 2007 and he was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 2008.